Reading problems

After witnessing a meltdown while trying to work on a writing sample for our charter school teacher, we scheduled an appointment with an educational therapist for Thing 1. It was a bit difficult watching my eight year-old struggling with what sound a "J" makes or what letter comes after "T" especially when I remember her seeming to blaze through those kinds of games as a toddler.

It was also a bit disheartening to see how distracted she seems to get. Always wanting to tell stories or act out animals or go get her violin. Watching her I started wondering if it was something other than just excitement. After her session the therapist asked if she had ever been tested for attention problems. So we have another appointment to make (or at least something to discuss at her next check-up).

The biggest change, though, is the removal of her Hebrew class and lessons. The therapist feels that until Thing 1 gets a good foundation with English reading that adding in another language can just confuse her. The upside is that the therapist believes it won't take long for that foundation to be built.

All of this means I need to rein in my natural reflex to push ahead with all sorts of "reading games" and focus on doing what the therapist has given us to work on.