There is something to be said for tradition.

When my mother died I took upon myself many of the traditional Jewish mourning customs which cover the course of the first year of loss. For most of that year it hasn't been a hardship to skip clothes shopping, movies or get-togethers. Some days it's been a struggle getting a meal made for my family!

But as I move into the final month of mourning I find I'm thinking more of outside things again. I've hunted down my cameras. There's no film in the Polaroids and my digitalis batteries are dead, but I know where they are. (Which is a big deal since I haven't touched them since my mother's memorial in September.) I spent some time yesterday looking at knitting patterns. I even took the girls to the beach and splashed in the water.

I still have days when I send the girls to watch a movie while I "rest" upstairs but the days between are slowly being spent more outside then curled up in the house.